Wrath Of The Lich King
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===Pvp Arena===

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===Pvp Arena=== Empty ===Pvp Arena===

Post  Kuina Sat Dec 08, 2012 7:53 pm

===Pvp Arena=== Arena

Here is the view inside PVP Arena.
1. It will be unlocked when your char at level 30.

2. Every rank in the arena has it prize and the prizes will be sent daily at 23.00 server time.

3. When you win a battle, you can battle them once again to make them your slave.

4. You can send your slave to do many kind of job and it gives Gold, Crystal, Fiend Nucleus and Monster card if your slave succeed the job. If they fail, you might lose them or get nothing.

5. Slave also can fight you for their freedom and you will lose slave if someone rescue them by winning fighting against you.

6. You also can rescue your friend from being slave by fighting their master.

Arena Prize :

No. 1 - Gold, Crystal, and Battle Angel Outfit
No.2~10 - Gold, Crystal and Cool Suits
No.11~100 - Gold and Crystal
No. 100 and > - Gold only

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