Wrath Of The Lich King
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===Colleseum/Boss Arena===

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===Colleseum/Boss Arena=== Empty ===Colleseum/Boss Arena===

Post  Kuina Sat Dec 08, 2012 7:42 pm

===Colleseum/Boss Arena=== Colleseumtips

This is the view of Colleseum/Boss Arena.

1. It will be unlocked when your character reach level 45.

2. When u managed to kill the boss you will be rewarded with tons of exp and gold.

3. The Higher the number of the boss, it gives more gold and exp and the last boss called Leader of the row.
If you managed to kill it, you will be rewarded Gold, Exp, Fiend Nucleus,Growth Pot, Transmit scroll
and of course the number of reward increase by higher number boss.

4. Well you need to choose CORRECT sigil to fight the boss. Such As Dragon boss, the best sigil can be used
to fight him is Knight Sigil because it gives 100% Damages to the boss and don't forget to worship Guild Beast and pet potion to make the battle more easier.

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